What is Breast CT?

Breast CT is a state-of-the-art method for examining the female breast. The main benefit is the diagnostic clarification of suspicious findings, but it can also be used to examine breast implants, for example.

In contrast to mammography, the breast is not ”squeezed” during the non-contact procedure. Therefore, the examination does not cause any pain to the breast.

Breast CT creates high-quality 3D images. Layer by layer and as a volume, the entire breast can thus be viewed in detail.

Result of a
Breast CT scan

As a result of the examination, a detailed 3D image of the breast is available to the physician. This allows the breast to be viewed completely in 3D, but above all layer by layer. This helps the doctor to quickly detect the smallest changes that may otherwise remain hidden.

Note: Video represents an individual clinical case.
Source: Dr. Karsten Ridder, MVZ Uhlenbrock und Partner in Dortmund, with kind permisson.

Examination methods
in comparison


  • Presence of mammography contraindications such as mastodynia, previous surgery, implants, anxiety, etc.
  • Presence of MRI contraindications such as claustrophobia, metallic implants (pacemakers,..), long examination duration, etc.
  • Clarification of unclear findings
  • Clarification of palpation findings
  • All degrees of breast density

In Germany, currently breast CT examinations are not covered by statutory health insurance. Ask your health insurance company about the possibilities.

The radiation exposure of the breast CT examination is comparable to that of a diagnostic mammogram.